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SaaS for Videoconferencing (with HD!)

Doesn’t it just annoy the crap out of you when someone steals your great idea?  This seems to happen to me all to often.  The latest in the string of companies stealing my idea is Tempura Communications and their use of Vidyo videoconferencing technology.  The basic business model is to offer Videoconferencing in a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment.  Give people the option of paying a flat monthly fee for unlimited point to point and multi-point calls.   They even took it as far as to offer installed room systems using the room based codec systems & HD PTZ Cameras. 

Even though I wish I had got to the game before them, I’m really happy to see the first TRULY HD capable videoconfering service provider (that I personally know of at least) pop up.  There are other conferencing service providers out there offering web conferencing, but their solution has a few primary benefits that makes them shine.  Notable features include fully HD end points and room based systems, the ability to conference with traditional “big boy” videoconferencing manufacturers like Polycom & Tandberg, and compatabilities forboth PC & Mac.