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Education for Field Service Organizations

If your company is a field service based organization, listen up.

Gone are the days of white board’s as your scheduling tool. Gone are the days of 200 phone calls every day just to coordinate schedules between customer, service rep/tech, internal contacts and billing. Gone are the days of manually entering time sheets and expenses at the end of the day or end of the week.

Gone are the days of paper copies you physically hand to your field staff. Gone are the days of waiting days or weeks to bill for your service calls. Gone are the days of “balls dropped” and lapses in communication.

These days smart companies use systems to coordinate all of this. These days service techs have smart phones that automatically update their schedule via the web. These days service techs enter time, materials & expenses the minute they are finished with a call. These days clients can be billed within the same HOUR that a service call is complete. These days paper is not required as everyone can work on the same system across multiple offices, mobile vehicles and more. These days clients are automatically updated via email and the web with even the smallest details related to their service issues.

These days field based service organizations are evolved and kicking major butt.

How about your firm? Is your firm still stuck in the past? Is your firm scared to invest in the technology necessary to work in the present day? Are you scared to let the old mind set people go because they fear change?

Take my advice. Invest in the systems that make your company efficient. If your secretary or operations assistant can’t get on board, get rid of them. A forward thinking company like yours can’t afford to be so inefficent any more.