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Who adds value to your organization?

Who adds value to your organization?   How do you know? 

Do people who continuously fight to keep the status quo help your organization thrive?  Do people who need an instruction booklet & pre-drawn map to do anything to grow your business?

How about the controller that only says NO to everything, instead of thinking about the overall implications of how a new idea could grow the company’s bottom line?  Because it is safe and because she doesn’t want to change. 

How about the HR Director who is completely unapproachable, but does an excellent job of keeping benefits costs down… 

How about the Sales Director who hoards all of his leads (all of which he couldn’t possibly follow up on himself) just to protect his own value instead of the company as a whole. 

Do these types of people really add value to your organization? 

Sure, the Controller is still controlling costs, but is she so stuck in what she does that she completely hinders any type of progress?  Sure the HR Director is saving the company money, but do you really want your employees hating the one person that is supposed to be there to support them?  Sure, the Sales Director looks great because he closes more sales than any other person.  But what about all those leads that are never called on?  Is it really in the best interest of the company to make one guy look good while multiple revenue opportunities are left on the table? 

In this day and age, a smart business owner needs people who push the envelope.  Our society is moving at such a quick pace that if a business is primarily staffed by “Map Followers”, you might have a recipe for disaster.  Sure, you’ll get by for a while.  You might have incremental growth even.  But if you can’t embrace change now, how will you ever keep pace with change in the overall business landscape as the rate of that change continues to increase? 

So how about your company?  What percentage of your employees need a map?  What percentage of employees are writing maps?  Do yourself a favor and start to tip the balance in favor of the map writers.  I’m sure you’ll find that map writers are indispensible and will help your company soar to new heights.  If you stick with the Map followers, at least you’ll have a workforce that is easily replaceable.  Easily replaceable also means unnecessary, a hindrance to progress, and an overall threat to the long term viability of your company.