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FreshBooks – The Ultimate Small Business SaaS

FreshBooks LogoI am completely blown away by how cool FreshBooks is.  This tool is awesome for small – medium sized businesses interested in getting things done!  As with most of the software tools I advocate, FreshBooks is simple to use and has just the right amount of features.  FreshBooks will let you manage all the key financial and essential parts of your business like Estimating, Invoicing, & Support Tickets.  Of course any old software can do that for you.  It is the WAY in which this company has gone about the implementation that really stands out.   Getting things done quickly and efficiently are the name of the game with this tool.   Go from Estimate to Invoice in just a few clicks.  Go from Invoice to “Waiting on check” in even less clicks.  And with the integration of online payments through an integration with PayPal, Google Checkout and many payment gateways, you can also get paid much quicker than in the past.   As with other things I post about, I really like the fact that using a system like this helps reduce the use of paper in the office environment.  If we can get away from sending paper based invoices and move more to a system of electronic exchange, imagine what that will do for the world!   FreshBooks is helping the paperless effort by encouraging customers to use such an exchange via their online interface. 

One more thing I need to say about this company.  Not only do they have a solid product that I think everyone should check out, they also appear to be growing and keeping up with the rapid pace of the web and all it has to offer.  This would be a company you know won’t just slowly putter out over the years without ever investing more time or energy to their product.