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Make what you love – Be what you do

I have a lot of friends who are artists.  Most of them are extremely talented as well.  Some paint, some work with metal and woods, others are writers or actors.  While I do know some truly successful artists, the truth is that many of my artist friends (and artists across the world) never really seem to “make it”.  By “make it”, I primarily mean being able to make a living off of their artistic pursuits.  It seems that they have plenty of talent in the way of making art, but not a lot of skills in the way of promoting it. 

As with traditional business and other aspects of our life, technology and communications tools are rapidly changing the landscape.  This is as true for artists as it is for anyone else.  Things like blogs, online shops (Etsy.com, CafePress.com), Facebook & Twitter are completely changing how we communicate with friends, family and customers!  Artists now have the tools available to them to create their own private following of fans and start making a living off of selling directly to people who love their work the most. 

To all my artist friends:

I’ve found a guide that will help you navigate the waters and really learn how to start to build your community.  Start making a living from what you love!  Chris Guillebeau at “The Art of Non-Conformity” has created a guide to help people make this a reality.  I have been reading his blog and other guides for quite some time now so I feel very comfortable in recommending him as a resource.  Check it out and see if you might get some inspiration to start making a living doing what you love!   Here is a handy dandy video intro as well if you like that better than reading:

Art+Money Guide