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Cashboard – For Tracking Estimates, Projects & Time

CashBoard Logo

I’ve written about BaseCamp for managing construction projects.   I truly believe that using this tool will help revolutionize any contracting firm.  By focusing on collaboration & communication, things just get done quicker and easier.  By keeping a nice trail of everything that has ever happened, information and history can be found quickly. 

This isn’t another rant about BaseCamp however.  This one is about an awesome new tool I’ve found called CashBoard.  On the surface, CashBoard looks like it is mostly a competitor to BaseCamp.  However, after playing around with it a bit and really understanding its strenghts, CashBoard is really just the perfect COMPLEMENT to BaseCamp.  CashBoard simplifies the things that BaseCamp does not.  The two systems work together to cover different aspects of the project management lifecycle and ensure that efforts are never duplicated. 

Check out CashBoard for an extremely easy to use solution for tracking Estimates, Time & Materials on Projects, and automating billing!  Combine CashBoard & BaseCamp and get ready for such an awesome solution that you will never look back.  Also plan on saving a bunch of time and money by eliminating redundant work and sometimes even workers (sorry accounting staff).