Systems Consulting & Administration

Helping companies find and leverage the best software systems is what I do best.  I have over 11 years of experience working with software, business process mapping, and systems consulting.  The software I recommend is almost always web based.  I think all companies –  especially small companies – need to start using Software as a Service more to really gain the competitive advantages they seek.  I discuss that more in multiple blog posts on the subject.  If you are unwilling to consider moving your company to the cloud, you might be happier working with someone else (just being honest).

Depending on your company and what you do, depends on the solutions I recommend and help manage for you.  If I’ve never worked with a company like yours before (yes, it certainly happens) then I use my skills to understand your business, research the best solutions available for you, test the solutions, and provide you with an in depth report on my findings.  Once we find the best fit for your company, I do all the technical stuff of setting up the service, integrating the solution in to your business, and training you and your staff on how it all works.  I also provide support after the fact.


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