Core Business Applications – Install & Management

So here’s the deal.  I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again.  You need to move your core business applications to the cloud. Trust me.  Its a good move.  It is the single best thing you can do to help evolve your business for the digital age.  Eventually, ALL of your technology will one day reside in the cloud, but starting with your core apps is a good first step.

What are my core business applications?

Oh, you know.  The stuff you use every day.  The stuff you absolutely need to run a business in this day and age. I’m talking about email.  Word processing.  Spreadsheets.  Your company Intranet (where you share files with others & save things to the “network”).  You need to “webify” all of these things so you can start to realize the benefits of true location independence & anytime, anywhere collaboration.

What do I get?

By signing up for my Core Business Apps Install, I’ll give you all sorts of cool stuff!  For a very detailed list, click here.  Otherwise, here is the quick overview of the major items included:

Gmail. Yes its email, but better.  If you have never tried Gmail before you are missing out.  This is hands down the best email application on the planet.  It can be used both online and offline (like when you’re flying on the plane).  It manages multiple user accounts with ease and has myriad other bad-ass features to get excited about.  What I setup for you is different than the free version of Gmail you might be used to.  I setup Gmail to work with YOUR domain (ie: so that all your emails are branded by your company (ie: vs.  You also get to see your logo instead of the Gmail logo when you log in.

Calendars. You are going to love this calendar system.  You can create unlimited personal & project calendars for yourself all of your team members.  Team members can share their calendars with other team members and keep private items hidden.  Send invites to internal team members or clients & colleagues outside of the office.    Receive reminders via text message or email before important events.  This system works on open standards so you still integrate with anyone using Outlook or other legacy email and calendar systems.

Document Management. I give you the ability to create, store, share & publish text documents, spreadsheets, Slideshows & PDF’s.  But these documents are different than your basic Microsoft Word or Excel document.  These documents are “Alive”.  They allow for a completely new way of collaborating online.  Legacy systems work by creating a document, emailing it to multiple parties and then getting multiple revisions back.  Google Docs allows you to share the same document in real time.  Modifications are tracked instantly and you can even watch as your peers modify and update documents!  Don’t like what they have changed?  Easily revert back to a previous revision with just a click of a button.  Once you are done creating your document, automatically publish it to the Internet as a website, or export it in to a Word Document, PDF or more.  Trust me, this program kicks the crap out of any other word processor you might be using.

Sites. Google Sites is a really cool tool for creating company intranets or team project web pages.  Centralize all your relevant documents in one place from internal & external sources.  Keep everyone on the same page.  This takes the corporate intranet a step further by including interactive media and website style presentation & management.  You will like this much better than the old intranets you may be used to.

Because it is web based, these applications “Just work” on mobile devices like your iPhone or any Android powered smart phone.   There are no extra costs or hassles with setting up your mobile devices.  It really is that simple.

And much more.  There are many more sweet things you’ll love about Google Apps.  Including but not limited to setting up video sharing platforms, custom groups and integrating thousands of other available applications.  The services listed above are just the foundation to get you started.

Why Biz Evolution?

If you already know about Google Apps, then you know you can do all of this by yourself.  You don’t need me.  It is readily available.  But if you’ve gotten this far, I’m assuming that isn’t your cup of tea.  Sure, you could spend days and days learning how this all works.  Transferring your domain name, redirecting your DNS & MX Records, setting up user accounts and all the other nuances involved, but that would suck!  Why not let someone who already knows this stuff do it for you?  That’s what I’m here for.  I’ve done it many times before and I have the process down.  I can get you up and running within a few days, and get you trained.

So lets work together.  It helps you.  It helps me.  Sounds like a win-win!  Oh, and it only costs $249 bucks.

Ready to get started?  Click here to contact me, or use the comment section below.


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