Basic Website Implementation

The website I build for you will be basic, but very powerful. As your business grows through the use of this tool, you will have the ability to grow with it. I will provide you with (and train you on) how to update and modify the site by yourself. Your website will be clean & professional, but above all else, useful.

This service is for:

Small Business Owners without any web presence or a poor web presence. Businesses that know the Internet can help grow their business but don’t know where to get started. Businesses that don’t want to think about it, and want someone else to do it for them.

This service is NOT for:

Experienced web designers & managers who already know the ins and outs of the Internet and online marketing. Companies with a basic website already in place but are ready to move to the next level. (For more advanced website services, ask us about our advanced packages).

Your basic website will include:

  1. Custom Domain Name (ie: & First Year Hosting Fee
  2. Web Based Content Management System for updating & changing your site
  3. eCommerce integration (Sell Products and accept payments online)
  4. 5-7 Custom Pages with Content Writing & Search Engine Optimization
  • Main Page – Explains your main services, products and primary message to your audience/customers. Encourages customers to take action by contacting you or signing up for a mailing list or similar permission based asset.
  • About Us Page – In depth explanation of your company and background. Might include past experience or projects, or anything else relevant to give your customers an idea of who you really are.
  • Services or Product Pages – These are 1-3 pages of information on specific services or products that you sell. It might be a list of services, information on your products, testimonials from customers, recognition pages or anything in-between. Each type of business is different and will have different types of content.
  • Contact Page – A page listing how to reach you, your store hours, and links to different departments, locations or individuals. This page might also include a visual map to show visitors where you are located. It might also have links to your Social Media Accounts like Facebook or Twitter, and it will also have a custom contact form people can fill out to reach you directly.
  • Blog – An area for posting articles, newsletters, news, and/or press releases. This is your digital connection to your audience and something that helps people find you online. You can use this tool a lot, or a little depending on your aspirations online.

We will do our best job on writing the content for your site, but we will need your feedback and assistance. After all, nobody knows your business like you do. We will require certain items from you like pictures of your business, Company Logo’s, pictures of products you are selling and other content that we can’t create ourselves. We will handle almost all of the details, but please remember, this is a collaborative effort.

Investment Overview

For all of the services mentioned above, the total investment is only: $549.00 (I used to charge $1,199.99)

Ready to get started?  Click here to contact me, or use the comment section below.


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