I don’t particularly like the status quo.  In fact, the status quo makes me mad. If you want to hear the same old bullshit that you’ve been learning for 20-30 years, then click the back button quick!  I’m not here to reinforce your preconceived ideas about business or technology.  I’m here to challenge you.  Maybe make you a bit uncomfortable.  I’m here to help you Evolve your Business to meet the challenges of our present time.  I’ll help you explore things like:

  • Simplifying Technology Management
  • Creating “Location Independent” Businesses
  • Improving Processes & Productivity
  • Using the internet & social media to save money & grow sales
  • And lots of other cool & geeky stuff that will surely be of benefit to your small business

Oh, and I review Software as a Service (SaaS) companies often to help you choose the best services for your small business.

This website is all about helping small companies use technology better.   For the most part, I do that by writing thoughtful articles on small business.    For a small minority, I also help them move their core business applications to the cloud, or setup kick ass eCommerce websites for selling their products & services online.  I also offer SaaS Systems Consulting & Administration for small business owners.

The rules for business have completely changed.  The Internet, Social Media, and the present state of the economy are forcing business owners to re-think how they operate in the digital age.  What used to work so well, simply doesn’t anymore.  What used to only be available to large corporations and millionaires are now available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.  Many of these tools are free or close to it.

I want to help your company – no matter how big or small – find these tools and start using them to the fullest extent possible.  Technology isn’t just cool to have.  Technology is your key to evolving your business and remaining relevant today.  Technology also doesn’t have to be hard.  It is easier than you think.  I can help you discover that, and put a smile on your face in the process.

The Bryan

I have worked in the corporate world for over 11 years, and have always pushed the companies I’ve worked for.  I’m known for relentlessly questioning the status quo and ruthlessly cutting out the fat and streamlining processes (sounds big and powerful doesn’t it!).  I have managed projects for companies such as ABC, Disney, Cox Radio, JR Engineering, The Kempe Foundation, Constant Contact, in addition to hundreds of other companies in the Broadcasting, HealthCare, Government, Non-Profit,  Higher Education, and Hospitality markets.  I owned and operated a successful Technology Executive Search Firm for 5 years, and have been writing blogs for close to 7.  I’m passionate about technology’s trans-formative effects on businesses – especially small and extremely small businesses.

After working for myself from 1999 – 2005, I sold my high tech recruiting firm and decided to try the corporate life again and worked for a major software company and then a technology systems integration firm for the next 5 years.  By working with the companies themselves and hundreds of clients, I realized just how behind the times even some of America’s largest organizations are.  Many of them are so large that they can’t move quickly enough to keep up with the fast paced world of today.

So instead of spinning my wheels, pushing solutions that were outdated and ultimately not in the best interest of my clients, I decided to branch out on my own again and really start helping people.

Are you a small business or business owner looking to evolve your business?  Do you need help navigating the waters, and sorting through all the crap?  Start by subscribing to this blog, or following me on Twitter.  If you are really ready to take it to the next step, consider talking to me about my services for people like you.