Are you my type of client?

While I write on a variety of topics related to technology and the digital generation, the types of clients (people who buy products or services from me) I seek out is a fairly targeted bunch.  If you are thinking of signing up for one of my services, it might help to first read below.  I’m certainly not the right fit for a majority of people out there.  For a very specific (and very awesome) few, I could be just the guy you need.

My Target Clients…

  • Want to outsource their technology management to a reliable and trusted partner
  • Want solutions that “just work” that they don’t have to mess around with – ever.
  • Want solutions that are easy to learn and easy to use
  • Already are – or want to be – location independent.  Meaning employees can work from anywhere (but don’t necessarily have to)
  • Don’t have an “IT Guy” and don’t want to spend the money to hire someone full time
  • Want hosted Software Solutions (SaaS) instead of locally managed solutions

My Target Clients are NOT…

  • Microsoft devotees
  • Interested in managing servers, IT Staff, or any physical equipment (other than their own computer)
  • Scared of operating in “the cloud” or web based software tools and services
  • Assholes (Seriously.  If you are an asshole, I don’t want to work with you) You know who you are.

The list could keep going, but I’ll stop there.  As long as the list above ring true to you, there is a good chance we would work well together.  If the list above is definitely “not you”, well….  Well I guess this is where we say goodbye.  But no hard feelings okay?  Just because we don’t match up, doesn’t mean you aren’t an awesome person.  I hope my weekly blog posts still offer a lot of great value you can use.

So now that we’ve established our match made in heaven, what can I do for you?

Great question!  I was hoping you would ask that.  For starters, check out my services page for a list of everything I can do for you.  I offer a bunch of “one off” services like setting up your core business applications, creating a basic website for your business, or setting up Kick Ass eCommerce websites for the really cool kids!  If you are really serious about outsourcing your technology management, you can retain me for only $369 per month.  If you sign up for that service, I’ll pretty much take care of it all for you.  I’ll be your “IT Guy” so to speak and you won’t even have to pay for my benefits, get me a cheesy company t-shirt on my first day, or any of that other BS involved with hiring someone.  But act quickly because I only take on a maximum of 15 clients at a time for this service.

Wrap up

So to sum it all up, my clients hire me to take care of their technology. They want software that “just works” and allows them to focus on what they do best – running their business.  They don’t like to wait long for solutions to be implemented, and they favor the simple over the complex. They want a technology advisor they can trust.  Someone who already knows what works and what doesn’t, but is also ready to seek out solutions unique to their business.  My clients recognize the power of the internet and want to take full advantage of what it has to offer.   Last and certainly not least, my clients are the coolest people on the planet and I treat them as such.

So what do you think?  Is it time for you to get rid of your technology headache?  Is it time to work with someone who can make it all easy?  Is it time to focus on what you do best and leave this technical stuff to someone else?  If so then I sincerely hope you’ll contact me when you’re ready to get started.  I’m eager to help you and your company succeed.


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