Wireless Electricity

277-1_logo_v1I’ve written about how wireless communication among devices could really start to change the way Audiovisual implementations take place.  Like I mentioned in one of my posts, cellular technology is starting to be applied in Digital Signage Applications where you literally don’t even need network cables or outboard computers to distribute content.  Everything from distributing content, setting schedules and integrating ad’s is all handled from a web browser and then sent wirelessly through 3G & 4G networks to the displays.  In fact, the only cord you need at all is the power cord to the display!! ….  Or do you?

Introducing Wireless Electricity.  Thats right, you heard me.  Wireless Electricity! I just finished watching a video demonstration from Eric Giler of WiTricity.  He demonstrated how they can already wirelessly power Electronic Displays, Cell Phones, and any number of devices using the technology he helped develop at WiTricity & MIT.  The technology isn’t perfect yet obviously but it is solid.  This is definitely coming, and it has all sorts of implications of how it could change our day to day lives in the very near future.  One of the coolest applications is that of the future electric car industry and smart energy grid.  Imagine having power lines ran by the sides of every road and under many parking spaces (at least in your garage) that wirelessly charge your  car while you park.  No need to plug in!

I highly recommend you check out the video by playing it below:


2 responses to “Wireless Electricity

  1. Sounds like a great invention. However, statistics show there is high number of people who live near power stations or electric towers that develop cancer (luekemia). Do you know what could be the effects on humans if we install these devices at home? May be in controlled environments or restricted areas could work, thoughts?

    • Honestly I’m not 100% sure. However, they did mention that the technology is based on magnetic resonance of some sort. Not the traditional transport of electricity. As with any new business or proprietary technology, the benefits are touted but the details are a little harder to pinpoint. Their website has some good information, but I haven’t been able to find anything specifically addressing what saftey issues there are – if any.

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