Monthly Archives: April 2009

A slight change in approach – sometimes little things make all the difference

So I’ve been struggling to explain the value of using a blog and other social networking tools in the business I work for. It isn’t that my company isn’t forward thinking – we are – it is just that the idea of “jumping in” without some type of long thought out plan or implementation strategy is somewhat frightening. I’ve grown up in the age of digital communication so using things like this are not scary or wierd to me. In fact, trying to get by without them in my day to day business seems much more strange.

Today I am announcing the migration of this blog from an “under the radar” company focused blog, to a blog about me. How I personally use technology and systems to help my clients and partners achieve their goals. All in all this is about networking and helping the people that I’m connected with. I think by using the blog as my own personal platform – not a platform of the company I work for – it will be more effective.
I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had the same experience and what conclusions you have come to? Does your company have a blog or do you have one personally? I know I personally feel a bit liberated to know that I can speak my mind how I choose and that my opinion is in no way the exact opinion of the company I work for as a whole. It will help everyone stay in their comfort zone.