Videoconferencing Going Mainstream

As with many other companies, Verizon wants a piece of the Videoconferencing pie. By building their FiOS network directly to homes across america, they are brining true broadband service capable of delivering true high def video communications. In this article from Telephony Online, Carol Wilson outlines Verizon’s initial strategy at Videoconferencing to the home and end user. Verizon is one of MANY companies starting to get in to this space. I honestly think that as broadband becomes more ubiquitous, and online servics such as Google Video Chat, and services from companies like Vidyo expand, we are going to see traditional Video Conferencing companies like Tandberg & Polycom dramtically change their strategies. After all, if Google provides HD Video “Chat” within the next year, how easy will it be for a company like Tandberg to charge $25,000 per end point for a similar service?

MediaLogix works hard to stay at the forefront of video communications. We are partnering with forward thinking companies to provide our customers with both superior technology AND superior price points. Shoot me an email or comment on this post so we can get the dialog going!


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