Monthly Archives: February 2009

Throw out your paper! (metaphorically speaking)

I was inspired by a post today from the RNL Green Design Blog. Greg Buglewicz wrote some great tips on how to reduce your use of paper in the office. Anyone trying to “Green their routine” in the office should definitely check it out. Of course being in the technology and Audiovisual industry, I turn to technology as a way to save on if not elminate paper use altogether. Here are some of my ideas:

1. Create more Conference Rooms & Huddle Rooms: Make more room for collaborative type spaces. Instead of printing out drawings, lists of items or similar to share with colleagues, focus on storing digital copies that can be presented on a large format LCD display or projection screen. Manipulate the digital copies together and only print out final copies for storage or presentation to a client.


2. Utilize Interactive Whiteboard Systems: Pull up plans or documents on a large interactive whiteboard. These systems allow you to annotate, write (electronically) and mark on any type of computer content you have displayed. Red Line some plans and save digitally. You don’t need a stand alone system for this either. Hitachi offers a great wireless tablet with free software for annotating on a traditional projection system.



3. Fax from your computer: Stop printing out a paper copy to fax! Most printers these days have functions built in to send digital files directly through the fax machine. Additinally you can get services from your printer or online services that allow you to receive faxes digitally as well. Use these features! You will not only save paper but I promise you will eventually come to love how much easier it is to store all your files digitally instead of pilling them up on your desk. If your printer doesn’t have built in functions for this, check out services from eFax or
What other ideas are out there? Do you think technology will eventually eliminate the need for paper altogether or will there always be a place for paper in the office?